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Video Wall systems

RAP-ing d.o.o. from Ljubljana is more then 20 years engaged in automation and engineering. Among other things, we are a partner and general distributor of  German company EYEVIS GmbH for SE Europe.
With their products and knowledge we provide a complete turnkey service in Videowall solutions:
Conceptual designs (based on customer needs)
PZI (detailed design)
and finally, of course, we MAINTEIN your system.

Video Wall System consists of the following components which are modular, can be combined to provide even the most simple and the most demanding customer need:


DLP® cubes with LED becklight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Ready for 24/7 operation
  • Minimal gaps between individual cubes in a video wall
  • Perfect viewing angles
  • Latest DLP® technology
  • Rugged design for professional use
  • 0,3 mm screens edges
  • Life expectancy from 75 to 90,000 hours MTBF
  • Different screen sizes and dimensions



Profesional LCD monitors  
  • Display configuration for continious operation
  • Profesionaly designed panels
  • from 5,3 mm screen to screen gap 
  • Extended life time with special ventilation systsms
  • LED backlight - Edge and Direct
  • Different screen sizes

Professional LCD


Graphics controller  
  • Input signals that can be displayed on VideoWall - RGB, DVI, Video, IP Video Streaming, HD-SDI, Dual Link DVI * Video over LAN
  • virtually unlimited number of output signals to DVI at 1920x1200 resolution DVI output
  • Redundancy of components (HDD, ventilation, power supplys)
  • Redundancy System - duplicate video controller with automatic switchover
  • Latest hardware technology 
  • Real-time display
  • Virtually limitless possibilities extension

NPX4800 - spredaj


Videowall controll software   
  • User-friendly
  • Easy for administration and configuration
  • modular concept - possible to purchase a variety of options if necessary
  • simple and transparent licensing
  • full compatibility with EYEVIS graphics controller NPX
  • the possibility of granting rights
  • advanced alarm

eyecon 5



Other display solutions and accessories
OmniShapeStojalo za LCD ekrane - Samostoječe, kolesaLCD SquaretilesStenski nosilci za LCD ekrane


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ETO - Advertising Machine

Retop LED Display
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SP - Sport Perimeter

Retop LED Display
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TEX - Outdoor Billboard

Retop LED Display
Revolution For Outdoor Billboard

REX - HD Fine Pixel Pitch

Retop LED Display
Revolution For Fine Pitch

JEX - Indoor & Outdoor Rental Display

Retop LED Display
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MEX - Outdoor Strip Display

Retop LED Display
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FEX - Indoor Wall Mounted Display

Retop LED Display
Revolution For Wall MountedIndoor LED Display

LEX - Outdoor HD Advertising

Retop LED Display
Revolution For Outdoor HD Advertising  

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