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Digital Stereo DLP™-Rearprojection Cube

With the new eyevis 3D rear-projection system the successful eyevis cube series steps into the third dimension. In a joint venture with the 3D experts from INFITEC in Ulm (Germany) we have developed special projectors for the high-quality and reliable display of three-dimensional images. These projectors achieve light efficiency, perfect selective sharpness and outstanding colour uniformity.

The famous modular and compact design of the eyevis cube range enables building display systems for three-dimensional stereo applications of almost any size. Thanks to the precise eye separation of the INFITEC systems without crosstalk and the high contrast of the screens which are insensitive to room light conditions, the eyevis 3D cubes produce images with impressive visual depth. The wide viewing angle allows a perfect view on flicker-free images to anyone standing in front of the cubes.
The eyevis 3D cube uses two separate projectors for the display of image pairs and provides two separate DVI inputs for the stereo images. Hence almost any 3D software can be used as signal source without the necessity for further drivers.

The very short processing time and the flicker-free 60Hz projection make the eyevis 3D cube ready for real-time applications. The cube has been especially designed for VR simulators in training or research environments, but it can also be used in representative areas like show rooms or for immersive CAD workstations. Thanks to its little space requirement, thermal load and noise emission, and not least thanks to its modular design the eyevis 3D cube offers totally new possibilities for the planning and realisation of flexible high-quality VR systems.

Available Versions:

  • EC-3D-67-SXT+ -CP (CrossPrism Screen)
  • EC-3D-67-SXT+ -BB (BlackBead Screen)

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