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eyevis EDID Programmer

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is the information that a monitor or projector sends to the graphic card to provide information about the display characteristics of the device. This information is transmitted on the Display Data Channel (DDC) of the DVI cable. If the EDID information is missing or wrong, the desired resolution or refresh rates cannot be set correctly.

With the EYE-DDC-Programmer lit is possible to read and save EDID information from displays or projectors. Afterwards, this information can be written on another device or on the EYE-EDID-SIM to provide the required information to the graphic card. An editing of the information is also possible to enable special timings or frequencies.

The EYE-DDC-Programmer can read the EDID information of any display and can afterwards write it on eyevis products (cubes, LCDs, ESP projectors, openWARP², EYE-EDID-SIM).

The EYE-DDC-Programmer requires the according DDC Programmer software (Windows) to read the EDID of a display, or to write edited EDID information on a display.

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