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Programmable DVI DDC-EDID and Hotplug-Simulator

The "Eyevis DVI EDID emulator" emulates the selected/programmed EDID to the attached PC computer (emulating a DVI display) for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down.

These emulators become very helpful if you want to test or setup your configuration without the output devices being present or if you want to switch displays without losing the DVI signal from the source because most computers will deactivate the DVI output when no device is attached to it.

The EDID emulator allows the user to set up any DVI output resolution, regardless if the used device supports these resolutions or not. Most PC or DVI sources are reading the EDID of the attached display and then limit the selectable output resolutions of the graphic card. The EDID emulator will solve this problem.

The EDID emulator works passively, hence comes without any need for an additional power supply.
The Eyevis EDID emulator does not use presets in conjunction with a switch. For uploading or changing the emulated EDID, you will need the EYE-DDC programmer.

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