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High-end Projectors for professional applications

At certain professional applications, projectors made mainly for the consumer market are likely to meet their limits with regards to their reliability, robustness and image quality. This is where the eyevis projectors from the ESP-Series come to use. These outstanding projection devices combine robustness with reliability and best image quality. The projectors were especially developed for sophisticated use in simulation systems. Further possible fields of applications can be wherever stable projection in perfect quality is required.

The projectors are available in five resolution standards:

) ESP-XT: XGA (1024x768px)
) ESP-SXT+: SXGA+ (1400x1050px)
) ESP-HD: full HD (1920x1080px)
) ESP-WUXT: WUXGA (1920x1200px)
) ESP-WQXT: WQXGA (2560x1600px)(only LED-lit version)

The optical system is derived from the eyevis rear-projection cubes, which are well-known for their excellent image quality and best reliability. Just like the cubes, the projectors from eyevis’ ESP series are available with two different illumination technologies: UHP projector lamps or LED. All components of the projectors were chosen for their readiness to be used in professional long-term operation and have proven their reliability in thousands of applications world-wide. The rugged design of the projectors with its metal housing allows their usage in high-vibration environments and in motion-based simulations.

With several optional expansions, the projectors can be upgraded for applications in stereo-projections, night-vision simulations, and optimised use in multi-channel applications. The comfortable software tools allow simple and accurate calibration of systems using more than one projector.




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