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The eyecon Software is a client-server solution and is based on a mySQL databank. With large video walls this databank is usually located on the ECS. With smaller wall configurations it is also possible to set up the databank directly on the netpix controller. All relevant information for the wall management can be stored and called-up again centrally at the ECS, which allows control of your large screen system from any workstation within the network. All systems and clients have access to this databank, which prevents faulty operation and long reconstruction processes. The databank is located on the eyecon control server (ECS) which serves as the central device for the configuration and administrative control of the complete system. The netpix controller enables the visualisation of any data on the connected projection modules. It is controlled by the ECS and enables the display of any signal sources on the large screen wall. The system has been especially developed for the operation with eyevis rear-projection cubes, but it can also be used with plasma screens, TFT monitors, single projections or other visualisation devices.

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