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To guarantee highest possible availability for continuous 24/7-operation, the elements are also available with a double-lamp system with automatic lamp-swapping.

With the new immersiveCUBE-System, based on the innovative and reliable DLP™ technology, eyevis provides a high-quality display for the employment in virtual-reality and simulation areas as well as for immersive jobs in the construction and design branch. In the basic version the system consists of three rear-projection units, which are set up around the viewer in an angle of 120°. Due to the use of special projection screens with a wide viewing angle a high uniformity of brightness and colour is achieved on whole projection area. The high contrast and extraneous light absorbing properties of these projection screens enable a brilliant representation of the projected image and prevent the contrast loss by mutual bloomings of the projection screens. The life-time of the lamps of the projection units, based on the DLP™-technology by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, is indicated with 8.000 to 10.000 hours (manufacturer information MTBF). The automatic brightness control (DSC) compensates for variations in brightness of the lamps and therefore guarantees constant brightness of the system over a long period.

The basic version with three 67” units offers a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 180°. The very compact design of the system leads to a space requirement of only 4.5 by 2.5 metres. This allows create multi-functional applications, like driving or flight simulators without higher requirements concerning the space of the installation. The very robust, addible and stackable projection elements form an optimal platform for scalable or mobile simulation systems.

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