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The openWARP series comprises a range of hardware and software products especially designed for high-end applications in Virtual Reality, simulation, shows and events. openWARP is a technology developed in a joint-venture with the Max-Planck-Institute for Bio-Cybernetics in Tübingen (Germany).

Combined with the appropriate openWARP designer software, openWARP offers totally new and unexpected possibilities not only for one-channel applications, but also for multi-channel applications. A main advantage of the system is that you can use a standard projector to correct the video or computer signals geometrically before displaying them on any screen form and on any kind of screen surface. These possibilities allow the realisation of flexible, compact and cost-effective solutions for simulators and projection-systems.
The software package “openWARP designer” enables fast and user-friendly corrections of brightness and contrast, as well as the comfortable calibration of geometrical distortions for the alignment of the images on domed and curved screen surfaces. With openWARP you can realise any image distortion and in addition to that it is also possible to perform colour and brightness corrections. 
The real-time version of openWARP offers the possibility to use a new geometry correction for input signal within a frame. This possibility allows for the use of the device for simulators which require a dynamic image distortion depending on the viewer’s position, or in systems in which the position of the screen is dynamically changing. A further advantage for stereo projections is the possibility to adapt and to dynamically change the stereo-depth-level of the imposed key-images. In combination with a head-tracking system you can realise a viewer-optimised stereo-projection for ergonomic work in VR environments.




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