Terms of Use



Some prices on our site may be false. For this reason we reserve the right for their changes even after the purchase on our site has already been made and completed, pro-forma invoice sent and the payment carried out. In this event we will ask the customer to pay the difference to the actual price or return the money should the customer wish so.

Thank you for your understanding.


Purchase procedure

After placing the order the customer receives an e-mail notification that the order has been accepted. The customer can always view comprehensive information on the contents of their order on the provider's website. 

The provider reviews the order, checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it if there is a reason to do so. For the purposes of checking information and ensuring delivery punctuality the provider can call the customer on their telephone number. As far as the commodity that the provider does not have in stock is concerned, the provider is exclusively linked to suppliers' delivery and their delivery time. The provider regularly notifies the customer about updated information regarding commodity delivery. If the delivery time is very long and the customer does not wish to wait, they can communicate that to the provider who will remove the item from the order and return the customer any paid funds; however, by the customer's choice the provider will either deliver the remaining items on the order or cancel the entire order. If the provider's supplier does not confirm the possibility of delivery of ordered items latest by three months after the date of order placement, the provider can reject the customer's order because the commodity is not available. On the day of the rejection the customer's order is no longer valid. The contractor does not bear any responsibility for the damage caused due to longer delivery times or the nondelivery of commodity the provider does not have in stock in their own storage facility.

Within the agreed deadline, the provider prepares the commodity, dispatches it and informs the customer of this process via e-mail. In the above mentioned e-mail the provider also informs the customer about the policy of returning the commodity and contact information the customer can use in case of commodity delivery delay and complaint. 

Should the customer decide to cancel the order, they immediately need to inform the provider via telephone number or e-mail. In case that the order has already been dispatched, the customer then rejects the delivery with the delivery service. In the case of personal acquisition (when the commodity is ready for acquisition), after cancellation of their order, the customer can communicate their wish through the before mentioned phone number and e-mail.



In certain places of the website rap-ing.si collects some identification information of users (first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.). Users give their information to rap-ing.si involuntarily and rap-ing.si guarantees to use this information for its own needs and will not give them to any third party.


Web portal users

Any rap-ing.si website usage other than normal usage is prohibited. It presents economic damage and will be reported to corresponding law enforcement service. Normal usage is usage without any programming tools (spiders, scripts etc.) and in the sense of a normal number of requests for access in a certain time period, where the normal number is max. 2 requests per second.

Web portal users can be either anonymous or registered. Anonymous users can use free-of-charge services (e.g. access to product information, prices etc.). With registration the registered users gain access to certain rap-ing.si website applications which are not accessible to non-registered users. 


Range of database usage and intellectual property rights

rap-ing.si website users must take into account the following facts:

  • databases in rap-ing.si informational system - completely and as individual parts of the system - are protected in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP),
  • data at rap-ing.si online services are a part of databases under the provisions of Copyright and Related Rights Act,
  • "rap-ing.si" symbol is protected as a service mark or trademark in accordance with the Industrial Property Act.

Copyright and Related Rights Act inter alia determines that the user can at any one time use only minor parts of databases (qualitatively and/or quantitatively) or to the extent stipulated within the framework of available web applications for anonymous or registered users. All other forms of further transfer or enabling of usage by a third party (e.g. publishing on the third party server or user's server, reproduction in other documents etc.) are strictly prohibited. This prohibition relates to all forms of usage going beyond self-use. The following behaviour is especially forbidden:

  • use of substantial parts (qualitatively and/or quantitatively) of databases (e.g. reproducing the databases structure, parts of databases structure, groups of records etc.),
  • use of databases in contravention with their normal use or in the manner that would affect rap-ing.si interests (e.g. systematic and repeated use of minor parts of databases etc.),
  • capturing substantial parts (qualitatively and/or quantitatively) of databases with special programming solutions,
  • removing acknowledgements.

It is also prohibited to remove or change "rap-ing.si" characters when they appear in individual data and information. The user is responsible for any damage affecting RAP-ing d.o.o. resulting from violation of conditions and limitations.


Using data and information from the web portal

If RAP-ing d.o.o. does not permit otherwise, no data or information from the web portal must be used for commercial purposes. Data and information from the web portal are not allowed to be collected in any public or private database. Publishing in other places, in any form, is not permitted if not stated otherwise at individual data and information. The user can download data and information from the web portal to their own systems for self-use, provided that they do not change the declaration about copyright and other related rights. Data and information can be printed for reading for its own or non-commercial purposes only. Copying, transferring, re-publishing, changing data and information or sending them by mail, and distribution in any other way without RAP-ing d.o.o.'s prior written consent is prohibited.

Links to websites

Links to a website or basic web page and/or subpages are allowed only by RAP-ing d.o.o.'s written consent.
Website pages can also include links to other websites RAP-ing d.o.o. does not maintain. Consequently, RAP-ing d.o.o. is not held responsible for the content of these websites.


Web portal accessibility

RAP-ing d.o.o. endeavours to ensure the users undisturbed use of the website - under normal conditions 24h a day. Due to technical reasons (for the needs of maintenance and/or equipment replacement) we reserve the right to shorter interruptions in website functioning or interruptions in access, mainly after 8 p.m.


Settling disputes

Users and RAP-ing d.o.o. will amicably resolve any dispute arising from website use in contravention with provisions of Terms of Use. If this will not be possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent court in Ljubljana.