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eyecon is a complete software solution for an easy control of your large screen system and all connected signal sources and therefore allows reducing the time between a message from your system and your reaction. This software solution makes your surveillance system even more efficient and available. The eyecon software does not interfere with existing software applications. The system enables to display alarm messages from your management tools, SCADA or DCS systems on your large screen wall. The images can be displayed in large screen size to give a visible survey of the scenario to the complete staff in the control room (single point of view). Requirements for the use of the eyecon software are two hardware components, a graphic controller (netpix) and an operating controller (ECS).

The netpix graphic controller is a computer with several slots for graphic input cards (video, DVI, RGB) and graphic output cards (DVI or RGB). This computer is responsible for the placing of the various images and makes your large screen wall a huge desktop. The ECS is a computer with a mySQL data base. This device is relevant for the intelligent control of the netpix controller. Your computers can be connected directly with the netpix device. It is also possible to install your applications directly on the netpix itself to start them from there without any detours. Other signals, such as video sources can also be connected to the netpix. If you want to transmit the image signals from the displaying computers via the LAN/WAN network, you will need the optional ClientCapture module. eyecon is available in three versions, LITE, BASIC and PREMIUM. The BASIC and PREMIUM versions can be individualized and up-graded with various optional modules, features or special demands.

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