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The Fifth Generation eyeCON Wall Management Software - Control Room Management at its Best

eyecon is eyevis‘ universal and complete software solution for the control of video wall systems including all connected sources, distribution of information and collaboration in-between different control rooms or presentation areas. The system is based on a very simple operating concept that reduces response times and hence makes the operation of large display systems even more effective and efficient.

Thanks to continuous further development for more than ten years, the fifth generation of the software presents itself in a completely new design for the GUIand several innovative features, like MetaWalls or MultiMouse functionalities. eyecon V5 provides an improved performance with at the same time simplified controls - an especially important criteria in areas related with control and security where trouble-free interaction of the individual systems and components is essential.

eyecon V5 is totally based on Client/Server technology. This ensures global availability of all information in the network and and can easily be shared and exchanged between various monitors, videowalls and workstations. Information and sources can be made available even outside local sites. The new version 5 is fully compliant with eyevis‘ streaming concept using eStreamer devices to make any type of sources (analog, RGB, DVI, HDSDI etc.) available in the network. The software-based capturing of signal sources (eyeCapture) has also been revised and now provides an ultra-fast transmission of desktop contents.

eyecon V5 received a completely reworked facelift of the graphical user interface that results in a more comfortable operation and configuration. The configuration is now performed within a single software (eyeSetup), regardless your location inside the network and can hence be realised from any workstation which makes the configuration as simple as never before.

Control of digital display systems - regardless their complexity - has never been easier and more comfortable.

The Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Control Room Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Alarm Management
  • Wall-Layout Management
  • Capture Functions
  • Integration of IP-Video- and Streaming-Sources
  • Multi Mouse Function
  • Comprehensive Rights Management

Product Manager Kai Schönberg explains the key functions of eyecon


The Software Architecture:
A typical eyecon system comprises various hardware components. In a minimum configuration such a system includes a database, a video wall controller and a Client-PC.

The Database:
eyecon is Client-Server solution based on an Oracle MySQL database. At larger systems this database is usuallylocated on an ECS (eyecon Control Server). For smaller installations it is also possible to install the database directly on the vide wall controller (e.g. netPIX). The decisive advantage of this database solution is that it provides the possibility of a global management. Any information is stored centrally on the database and can be made available anywhere in the network. Since all systems and clients have access to this database, failure operations and long recovery processes can be avoided.

The Group Management:
The administration of guidelines for user groups and user rights got fundamentally improved compared to previous version 4. The rights are now defined in groups which allows a faster configuration of user rights. Authorisations, hierarchic levels or video wall areas can be defined for each user individually. All group settings are listed in a comprehensive overview in the new setup software.

The Layout Manager:
With the Layout Manager tool displays or areas of videowalls can be divided in predefined layouts. This can be very useful for the display of many simultaneous signals in a specified area and simplifies operation. The user gets a more ergonomic selection and exchange of resources and can work even faster and with more accuracy.

The Design:
The completely new designed GUI offers a Look & Feel similar to other standard Windows software. Specially developed icons make the operation of eyecon V5 simple and intuitive.

The Setup:
The key features of eyeSetup, the configura­tion software of eyecon V5:

  • All information is stored centrally in a database
  • Simple, intuitive and central configuration in one software
  • Wizard for fast initial setup
  • Simple backup (automatic/time-scheduled)
  • Control mechanism and reporting via Email, SMS, TCP/IP, SNMP
  • Unique modular platform allows simple upgrading of additional modules and feature
  • Comprehensive product maintenance and installation on all clients over the network
  • Automatic detection of network sources and clients

The Controls:
The functions of the software are controlled with the new GUI "eyeControl". Thanks to the network-based architecture of the software every connected signal source can be displayed on videowalls, individual monitors, or any workstation PC.

The Functions at a Glance:

  • Drag & Drop interface with tabs
  • Ease of use and short training period
  • Control over all connected sources and client systems on the network
  • MultiWall/MultiView/MultiTab functionality for efficient work with several videowall systems
  • Simple tools like snap-to-grid, snap-to-wall, snap-to-window
  • Live preview of all the signals in the network and physical sources
  • Layout manager for an even simpler layout and operation of display walls
  • Scheduler to control the timing of all presets and macros.
  • Cycling function for automatic temporal rotation of presets or sources
  • Remote Control: control of the display walls with the local keyboard and mouse of the users‘ workstations for precise control of all windows
  • Keyboard and mouse control from any connected display controller or client (Soft-IP-KVM)


With the WallPreview function the entire contents of a display or a large screen can be followed live. This technique transmits the entire wall content live in a mini wall view. Optionally, the live-preview can also be in the user interface of the eyecon software.



With MetaWalls eyecon V5 comes up with a completely new and unique feature that takes possibilities of large scale videowall systems to a so far unknown level. Through the new MetaWall technology, smaller to middle-sized display walls can be connected to a single large system. The user sees a single large scale video system in his user interface, no matter how complex the entire real system is. Thus, unlimited videowalls can be realised with hundreds of simultaneously displayed sources. Sources can be positioned freely - even beyond the physical restrictions of each controller! MetaWalls can on one hand be used to increase the performance of a system and on the other hand to realise large scale video walls that go beyond the limits of a single Netpix controller. The MetaWalls technology also works if there is a demand for extremely high numbers of inputs in a system.


With most systems only one mouse cursor can be used per computer. Several mice can be connected to the system but it quickly comes to a "fight" over the single cursor - a limitation of current operation systems that is bypassed by eyecon V5 and its MultiMouse feature for large scale video systems.

With the eyeMultiMouse option each user in a network can individually control the system with his own mouse and keyboard. It is possible to define videowall areas and user rights individually for each user. Each user's mouse cursor can be defined in terms of size and colours and display of additional information at the cursor. The advantages of this feature are impressive: several users, instead of only one, can work on a large scale videowall. Whether in emergency situations, standard applications or presentations, any scenario can be worked on jointly by several users without limitations. By the way, MultiMouse is also a MultiKeyboard!

Alarm Management / Supervisor:

In the past the representation of incoming alarms used to be rather complicated since the alarm signals came in from diverse systems and applications. For the integration of all these signals it was often necessary to purchase expensive software licences. To avoid such troubles, the eyecon alarm management was enhanced to achieve a simple integration and representation of any alarm types.

This new enhancement gives the user a more coordinated alarm management that leaves nothing to be desired. The eyeSupervisor gathers any alarms and reports of the higher-level systems and connects these with predefined reactions. This means that the eyeSupervisor monitors the complete incoming and outgoing communication of the eyecon system. This service can be installed multiple times on different clients or directly on the Netpix controller or database.


One of the most interesting new eyecon V5 features, is the ControlRoomView which shows a clearly arranged individual views of rooms, buildings and locations. All installed displays and large scale video systems can be visually displayed and worked on together. Through this simplified view the user gets an even better overview of the whole system and is able to control presets and sources even faster. So far no other video management software is able to provide this feature.


The eyecon capture system has been developed to visualize the screen contents of all connected workstations on the large screen. This cost-efficient software solution can be used to transfer any screen content over the network without additional hardware.

The transmission in eyecon V5 is based on the RFB protocol and can be used with all common operating systems. The capture sources can be displayed on any videowall or Client-PC, and hence be distributed several times. The technology is based on a remote desktop solution that also enables the transmission of mouse and keyboard controls. Thus, every connected workstation can be controlled and receives a software-based KVM solution which provides more than just the visualisation of every workstation in the network.

The speed performance of the capture system in the new version 5 was also significantly improved. Depending on the performance of the Client-PCs very fast transmissions can be realised.

The key features of the capture module:

  • KVM mode - control over mouse and keyboard of the PC workstation
  • Multi-screen support
  • Support for Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows Server 2008 64bit/32bit, Linux distributions, Unix, Apple Mac OS

Integration Possibilities:

Every eyecon version provides interfaces for the integration of the eyevis systems into systems or applications of other suppliers. This enables a simple and comfortable integration and control of the eyevis system as well as the control of further software applications and devices. The comprehensive API can be used, for example, to start streams, applications or window layouts and to achieve full control over the entire system.

Additionally it is possible to realise controls over the connected display systems, for example to switch these on or off, or to receive status reports in case of failure operations. With the integration possibilities of the eyecon system the user receives full wall management functionality in almost any other system.

  • Complete API support with TCP/IP, RS232, ODBC connectors, HTML/PHP
  • Simple and fast integration of third-party applications
  • Compatible with media controllers, e.g. Crestron, AMX, etc.

eyecon includes a webserver which can be used to develop simple HTML pages to control the eyecon system from any device. Through this function simple control can be achieved through any browser.

  • Integrated server for a simple connection to smartphones, Tablet-PCs, or touch panels
  • Control & launching of presets and Macros
  • Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft and any HTML browser

Supported Sources and Systems:
With encoders or Netpix systems eyecon supports the following source types and systems:

  • Analog VGA signals, digital DVI/HDMI/DP signals, video signals (Composite & HD/SDI)
  • Streaming sources from encoders and cameras (MPEG2, MPEG4, MJPEG, JPEG2000, H.264)
  • eStreaming sources from eyevis encoders (H.264, eJPEG, RFB)
  • Capture sources, VNC sources, VMware workstation & vSphere
  • Windows applications
  • Linux/Unix applications
  • Web-based content (HTML, JAVA etc.)

eyecon is compatible with these eyevis products: 
NPX4800 series, EWS 200 series, eStreamer series including eS100, eS200 and eStreamer-RGB, eGate series, eyevis displays and cube series

Compatible & integrated external systems:

  • AMX
  • Crestron
  • Extron Video/Audio Matrix
  • Lightware Matrix
  • PureLink Matrix
  • CmLabs Audio Matrix
  • WEY IP Remote


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