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Marshall Electronics

For more advanced customization the QVW-1708 features color temperature adjustment and selectable custom gamma curves. Custom gamma curves can be created and loaded into the monitor using the optional CalMAN software which is available separately.

The monitor offers users two methods of operation. The first type utilizes the standard directional buttons to navigate the menus. The second method of control is the RotoMenu, which allows you to use a rotating knob for intuitive menu navigation instead of the standard menu buttons.

Included in the box are rack mount ears so the monitor can be conveniently mounted in any standard EIA 19" equipment rack for use, transportation, protection, and storage. When the rack ears are installed the monitor can be tilted for the optimal viewing angle. For tabletop use an optional desktop stand is available.

RotoMenu Control

For quick navigation through menus and precise setting adjustments.

Ethernet Port

The QVW-1708 can be controlled using a standard web browser through Internet Protocol through the standard RJ45 Ethernet Port.

RS-422/485 Support

The QVW-1708 can be controlled via RS-422/485 protocol. A loop-through port is available for controlling multiple monitors simultaneously.

Loss of Input Curtain

When no video signal is present the QVW-1708 will display a color on the screen. The color can be red, green, white, black, or blue.

Color Temperature / Custom Gamma

Three color temperature settings are available; 55K, 65K, and 93K in addition to four user customizable gamma curves.

Headphone Jack

You can monitor up to two channels of SDI audio via the 3.5mm headphone jack on the unit's front panel. You can adjust volume and audio delay in the Audio Config menu.

Audio Bars

The QVW-1708 provides visual audio metering for up to 16 channels of embedded SDI audio. Select and monitor any of these channels through the headphone jack or line-out.

In Monitor Display Text

The QVW-1708 can provide on-screen text for each stream of video being displayed. This text can be remotely controlled via the RS-422/485 serial interface.

Customizable OSD Tally Signals

Each video input can be given its own set of OSD Tally signals in up to three colors.

Closed Caption and Ancillary Data Support

The QVW-1708 can identify ancillary data coming through the SDI streams and can be enabled to identify the presence of closed caption and other non-video data being input into the monitor.

Pixel to Pixel Display

The 1:1 pixel-to-pixel mapping allows you to look at individual inputs without any scaling, so you can see the actual detail and not be fooled by scaling artifacts.
In 4K mode, you can only view one 1920 x 1080 quadrant at a time.

Self-Sensing Inputs

The QVW-1708 Features automatic format detection and display of incoming video signals.

Panel Size 17.3" / 43.9 cm
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Active Area 15.03 x 8.46" / 38.19 x 21.48 cm
Type LCD Panel
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 600:1
Color Gamut YUV, RGB
Viewing Angles 160° x 160°
Backlight Type LED