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In contrast to software-based decoding solutions, the use of eyevis' external hardware architecture enables the display of up to 512 D1 camera signals with an NPX4800 system. In conjunction with the new eyecon V5 software and its MetaWalls feature a virtually unlimited number of decoded streams are achieved.

Furthermore it is also possible to combine a variety of input cards, eg. analog video input cards or RGB / DVI cards, together with the IPD32. The result is an extremely powerful controller with a huge number of different input signals, without requiring an additional system. This modular system design makes future expansions possible without problems, there is no need to replace the entire hardware of the system.


The setup and configuration of each IPD8 and channels can be easily done with the new eyecon software version 5. All settings are performed in a central software without editing individual files etc. In the setup area of the software, changes can even be made during transmissions.

Support of thousands of cameras
Dynamic virtual switching of each camera to one or more decoder channels
Fast switching between cameras, independent from codec changes
Dynamic use of available decoders or static mode
Overview of all camera/encoder sources in a customizable list
Editing of additional information for each camera
Free labelling of each source and OSD support
API for easy integration and support of many different video management software solutions

IP network connection

The IPD32 solution features two 10/100/1000Mbit Base-T Ethernet interfaces. They can be used for independent networks or redundancy purposes.

Key benefits

Universal decoding solution for multiple codec formats and for systems from different camera/encoder manufacturers.

Reduces costs for equipment, setup, and maintenance
Two independent decoding processors of the latest generation per IPD32
Even more flexible and expandable for future requirements
Supportstützt H.264 decoding with 25/30 frames/s simultaneously on all decoder channels
Decodes resolutions from CIF, D1, MegaPixel, up to HD
Supports special individual codecs and customer-specific systems

Supported network protocols

RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol over Ethernet)
RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)
Multicast and Unicast for these protocols is also supported

Decoding overview

The IPD decoder is equipped with two powerful processors which can handle up to 32 streams with a resolution in D1 quality and 25/30 frames/s. The new hardware architecture also enables the decoding of 16x full HD streams per IPD32.

Suported manufacturers

Alstom Visor
Avigilon Control Center (HDSM)
Genetec Omnicast
Lanacess MPEG4
Mobotix MXPEG
Panasonic MPEG4 / H264
Pelco MPEG / H264
Seetec Software
Siemens CX MPEG4
SIQURA / Optelecom MPEG4 / H264
Sprinx Technologies MPEG4 / H264
Teracue MPEG2
Vivotek MPEG4
*) The list of integrated manufacturers is continuosly updated. On request, integrations can be realised for specific projects.

) Network Specifications
Network Ports  2x Ethernet RJ-45 1000 Base-T Ports Auto-sensing, Half/Full Duplex
Network Protocols  TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, RTSP. Multicast und Unicast
IP Addresses  Possibility to define 2x independent IP-Addresses with the front panel controls of the IPD.
) Universal Decoding
Maximum Decoder Channels  32x D1 channels simultaneously per IPD32
Frame Rates per Channel  PAL (25 fps) or NTSC (30 fps)
Resolution Range per Channel  352x288 (CIF), 720x567 (D1), 1920x1080 (HD)
Maximum Channels per IPD32  32x CIF or 32x D1 or 16x HD
Codec Formats  Independent codecs for each channel
Supported Codec formats MPEG2 ISO/IEC-13818 Profiles:  ES, PS and TS
MPEG4 Part2 ISO/IEC-14496-2 Profiles:  ASP, SP
MPEG4 (H.264) ISO/IEC-14496-10 (AVC)
) Hardware Scalability
Number of IPD32 Units per System Up to 16 IPD32 units can be integrated over the special High Speed BUS in the NPX4800-Controller Series.
- all Channels can be displayed without limitations simultaneously on the display wall
- up to 512x D1 streams
- up to 256x HD streams
) Mechanical
Dimensions:  (WxHxD)  48.4 x 8.9 x 50.0 cm (incl. rack handles)
Weight  10.5 kg