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ETO - Oglaševalski totem

Retop LED Display

Product features

Meeting the requirements of different project implementations and industries.

Modularized design for extending the software functions

the hardware supports distributed deployment, can set up extending server when it’s overloading

the loading capacity of each server is allowing 2000 terminals linked and online simultaneously.

Supporting wire, wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G) and other network accesses.

Authorization management for classified users, unauthorized content will be banned to publish.

Remote controlling, supporting instant news insertion

Synchronous displaying of different videos and images on one screen

Technology Innovations

Clustered control for easy operation.

Armoured glass enhances the water proof level of the screen.

Front maintenance for module, ensures easy and fast installation.

High-effective heat dissipation facility.

Quick installation without using extra instruments.

Double signal back-up, avoids the signal interruption risk.