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Thanks to Cluster LEDs with a higher light output we are able to provide the EC-1000 series as a second generation of our rearprojection cubes with enhanced brightness level. Although in most installations of our standard cubes in control rooms the brightness is absolutely adequate, certain applications e.g. in presentation areas, however, may require a higher brightness of the displayed image. To meet these higher demands, we have fitted the projectors of our proven EC rear-projection cubes with Cluster-LED technology. In comparison to standard LEDs these provide a remarkably higher light output. The cubes from the EC-1000 Series are available in SXGA+, UXGA, Full HD and WUXGA. While our standard cubes still use tried and tested standard LEDs as the light source for the projector, the projectors in the cubes from the EC-1000 Series feature Cluster-LEDs, where the active LED surface is divided into several sections. Besides higher light output this also guarantees that in the event of a failure of a single LED section, the image is preserved in almost its entire condition. Of course, all optional features that make our rear-projection units so flexible to use are also available for the EC-1000 Series. This includes the various available screens, different basement options, optimization features for installations in broadcast areas, or the automatic colour/brightness adjustment system for cubewalls (ACT).

Eco Firendly Concept

Heatpipe Cooling System
As with all other eyevis LED cubes, the EC-1000 Series continues to rely on our innovative heatpipe cooling system, which has proven its reliable and highly effective function in thousands of cubes in diverse operating conditions. In addition to that, our heatpipes require absolutely no servicing and contain no toxic liquids.

Low Power Consumption
Although the cubes from the EC-1000 Series have a higher light output, power consumption has not risen (c.f. table below). For typical applications like in control rooms, the power consumption is even up to 20% less compared to values of our standard cubes. At the same time the heat dissipation of the cubes could be lowered, which reduces the demands on the HVAC systems in control rooms. Thus, the devices from the EC-1000 Series are not only brighter, they also save energy.

The Advantages at a Glance

) Durable and constant picture quality on all Cubes
) Modular, highly available display concept for 24/7 operation
) Low service and maintenance costs
) No wear parts as with traditional lamp systems
) Special operation mode to compensate defect LED modules
) Information remains visible even with one or two defective LEDs
) Colour replacement can be defined according to the customer‘s 
image content
Outstanding image quality
) High contrast and best brightness
) Colour uniformity and wide viewing angle
) Latest DLP® technology
) Best visibility in any lighting condition
Integrated optimising options
) Perfect system adjustment with eyeDevice Setup software
) Fast and easy parameter setting
) Many status information available
) Optional Multi-Cube Auto-Colour-Tracking
Precision screen concept
) Different screen options available to suit any requirements
) Perfect viewing angle 
) Minimum gaps between cubes thanks to clipping method
) Very easy and fast installation
Availability and reliability
) Extremely long lifetime of the LED lights
) Qualitative high value components
) Especially designed for continuous operation
) Highly efficient maintenance-free heatpipe cooling
) Features
Type EC-67-LHD-1000, eyevisCube 67” with Cluster-LED illumination and native Full HD resolution
Description Digital 67 inch DLP®-rear-projection unit, stackable and addible, for data and video representation
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full HD/16:9) 
Brightness HB Screen:  755 cd/m2 (max.) / 648cd/m2 (typ.)
CrossPrism Screen 410 cd/m2 (max.) / 352 cd/m2 (typ.)
Contrast Ratio 1,500:1 (max. 5,000:1 dynamic contrast)
Brightness Uniformity ≥95% (SUR25)
Image Size (WxH) 1460 x 821 mm (ca. 67 inch/ 170 cm screen diagonal) 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1460 x 1054.3 x 850 mm
Weight TBD
Input 1x DVI-D, optional with Scaler Board: 2x RGB, 2x DVI, 2x Composite Video, 1x Y/C, 1xYUV, 1x S-Video
Projection Screen High Brightness Screen, CrossPrism Screen, BlackBead Screen, ISE Screen (Improved Screen Element)
Frame 0.3 mm
Power Consumption normal operation: 210 W (typ.) / reduced power mode 120 W / max. 300 W
Heat Dissipation 716 BTU/h (typ.)
Median LED Lifetime >60,000 hrs under normal environmental conditions / L70B50 manufacturer information)
(75,000 - 90,000 hrs in ‘Low Power Operation Mode’, i.e. additional 15,000 to 30,000 hrs depending on the amount of power reduction)
Software eyeDevice Setup Software
) Environmental
Temperature 10-40° C / recommended 15 - 25 °C / for Seamless Screens 18 - 25 °C / Storage: 0 - 50 °C
Humidity 0% - 80 % not condensating
Altitude 0 - 3000 m
Noise Level ≤36dB
) Options
• Different screen versions to suit the requirements of dif
• Scaler Board (internal split controller up to 10x10 Matrix, with 2x DVI, 2x RGB, 2x Video)
• ACT - Auto-Colour Tracking, auto-adjustment of brightness and colours for each display according to the adjusted values
• EYE-MSP - Matrix-Shading-Processor integrated in cube
• EYE-MDP - Matrix and Delay Processor integrated in cube
• EYE-SCP - Shading and Colour Processor integrated in cube
• EC-MAS motorized geometry adjustment via IR remote control or PS2
• Network Board
• Service and Maintenance Contracts
• Different Basement Options: Standard Basement, Basements on Wheels, Basements on Rails, Anti-Vibration Basements