Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije

Contractor: Telekom Slovenije d.d.
Application: Videowall + NPX graphics controler + eyecon software

Project description

3x2 67" LED DLP projection Cube system connected to the central graphics controller NPX, which has been modularly expanded in the process of upgrading with additional outputs, which alowed aditional flexibility for operators.
An upgrade was also made to eyecon software to the latest version of eyecon v5

Datejanuar 2014
LocationLjubljana, Stegne

Used products


67" diagonal, Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels), 24/7...

NETPIX® 4800

netpix 4800 is a network based graphic controller for the...

eyeCON Wallmanagement Software V5

The Fifth Generation eyeCON Wall Management Software - Control...