ELES - Diagnostical and Analitic Center - DAC2

ELES - Diagnostical and Analitic Center - DAC2

Contractor: ELES Ltd.
Application: DAC supported with modern mutimedia and automation solutions

Project description

Based on a project RAP-ing has established new Diagnostic and Analitical center in cooperation with ELES-Kleče (DAC2).

Diagnostic and Analitical center is important for the effective monitoring and diagnostic of electric power system assets, implementing life-cycle costs analytics, asset health analysis and providing adequate support for the maintainance and planning of electric power systems.

Perfect solution offered

Based on our customers requirements we provided a sistem of six 70" Hi-Brightness LED Cubes, two ultra HD 84" touch screen LCD, Eyevis Smart Table, Crestron Multimedia avtomation, Gunterman and Drunk KVM matrix solutions and Controll room furniture and conference room seating. Integrated solution enables contemplated monitoring and diagnostics of electric power system assets and consequently quick and effective problem solving. The control center itself can be split into two rooms which can be used completely separately in crisis situations. Implemented solution ensures a smooth and optimal performance of work for both units. ELES has a monitoring system capable of dealing with any situation. As part of the project RAP-ing offers his customer ELES an important maintainance of the system and complete technical support.


Application Video wall , Diagnostični center , Analitski center , Diagnostično analitski center , Touch LCD , KVM matrix system
Datedecember 2019
LocationLjubljana, Slovenia