Gefen's new products

Gefen's new products

The Gefen team is very happy to show you Gefen PACS and GAVA

Automate and simplify your A/V Installation

Control any RS-232, IR, or 12V trigger-controlled device through a Web or IP interface - Gefen PACS&GAVA.

The Professional Automation Control System (PACS) allows control of Gefen products and other A/V devices (e.g. displays, Blu-ray players, cable/satellite boxes, Lighting systems, motorized screens, etc.) through any Web-enabled smartphone, WiFi tablet, laptop, or automation system. The Web user interface allows IR, RS-232, and 12V trigger commands to be sent by the PACS to the connected devices to execute the desired functions.

The IR, RS-232, and 12V DC triggers can be configured, allowing the PACS to be compatible with most A/V devices. It can learn, store, and manage IR commands of different manufacturers´ remotes. The PACS is particularly suitable for use with the Gefen GAVA Automation System Processor; however it can be used in other systems capable of programmable IP communications or it can be configured as an RS-232-to-IR bridge.