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The field of application for VR systems has been widened, from the mere representation of three-dimensional images up to the creation of multi-functional interactive workstations. The multi-media  presentation of research results or prototype models is becoming increasingly important. These new tasks which combine virtual reality and the presentation of multi-media content constitute a new challenge to the technology of VR systems. eyevis provides the ideal technological platform for the upgrade of existing installations, as well as for the planning and realisation of new state-of-the-art systems.With openWARP², the second generation of eyevis’ warping, edgeblending and colour correction technology, you can display virtually any image on any surface with any projector. With openWARP it is possible to build highly flexible and cost effective multimedia presentations, video installations and virtual reality systems.openWARP is the only device on the market which allows uploading and performing geometry corrections within one frame. Therefore it is possible to build high performance interactive simulations with tracked observer systems. The extremely fast image processing (delay < 1/4 of a frame) allows the usage in high end and time critical simulator environments.

Comftorable Image Warping

The completely new designed system architecture and the new powerful warp-core technology enable high-quality image corrections. Thanks to the innovative “Resolution pass-through Technology“, the device can be easily integrated into any system environment without the necessity to configure the desired resolution. Comprehensive possibilities for colour and brightness corrections allow for a perfect alignment of multi-channel installations. Additional functionalities, such as colour-shading, alpha-masks and pixel-accurate blending make the system a first choice solution for professional multi-channel projections.

Geometry Correction For Any Screen

The openWARP alignmenttools feature a toolset forcalibration of single- or multichannel display systems, whose projection channels need geometry correction dueto screen shape or projector placement. Calibration can be done for Geometry, Blending and Colour. The toolset uses a camera-based approach to achieve calibration of geometry. Colour calibration can be done with an industry standard colorimeter, which can be integrated into the toolset.  For the first time it is now possible to introduce measurable standards for the geometry correction.

Cost-Effective Pay-per-channel Solution

With the new openWARP2 device, eyevis provides a cost-effective single-channel solution. The customer only pays for the number of channels he really needs, and this at a competitive price. The openWARP² designer software provides an easy-to-use GUI which enables comfortable configuration of warping, blending and color correction for one or multiple channels. The designer can run on an external PC or on the additional openWARP communication board. Once the calibration is done, the settings can either be stored on the external PC or on the communication Board. The new openWARP2 device is a much more flexible solution compared with solutions embedded in projectors or image generators. openWARP2 can be combined with any projection device on the market. Of course eyevis provides appropriate high-end projectors for best compatibility.

n- Channel Projection 

Whether you wish to improve single projectors, stereo projections or combined multichannel projections, openWARP is a first choice for all of these applications. With openWARP you can realise any image distortion and in addition to that it is also possible to perform colour and brightness corrections to achieve optimal colour and brightness uniformity.

Optional Rotating Feature

With the optional openWARP²-ROT-Upgrade it is possible to add an image rotation of 90° to the functionalities of the device. Of course, all other functionalities for geometry correction, bezel elimination, blending and colour correction are also available.

Optional 19" Rack Installation

Optional 2HE installation frame for the installation in an 19” rack. Available for one or two devices per installation frame.

Application Possibilities

) Training and Simulation
) Virtual and Augmented Reality
) Entertainment
) Rental/Staging


Openwarp product video

) Single channel DVI Warping and Blending Unit
) Input / Output: single-Link DVI-D for Resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200@60Hz) or 2k (2048x1080@60Hz)
) Resolution pass-through Technology (automatic resolution configuration)
) Bandwidth: max: 165MHz pixel clock
) Communication: USB-RS232 to control PC or RS232 / LAN with additional communication board
) Low latency (less than ¼ frame)
) Gamma correction, colour transformation and Colour shading
) Unrestricted blending and alpha-masking
) High precision geometry correction (2 times 5th order polynomial)
) Advanced filter kernel for high quality image processing
) Interactive and real-time image warping