Novi videi podjetja Extron

Novi videi podjetja Extron

Videi so zdaj na voljo za MLS 608 D, Annotator, SMX System MultiMatrix™, MPS 409 in DMP 64

New Out of the Box Video:

MLS 608 D – Eight Input Digital and Analog AV Switcher

Extron Senior Applications Engineer Chris Bach takes a new MLS 608 D SA eight-input switcher out of the box, and walks you through the simple process of configuring this single box solution for a variety of digital and analog AV sources. Chris uses the Extron control software for quick and easy set-up of EDID management and input configuration, and talks about the integrated audio DSP for management of microphone and program audio signals. All signals, video, audio, and control, are transmitted over CAT 5-type cable to the included MTP/HDMI U R twisted pair receiver for economical and simplified installation. An optional Extron TouchLink™ Touchpanel-based control system is incorporated into the set-up to take advantage of the RS-232 control pass through port on the MLS 608 D SA for display control and overall system operation. With the system up and running, Chris demonstrates how easy it is to configure and control multiple sources, microphone audio, and amplified program audio signals in single display environments with the MLS 608 D SA eight input switcher with ProDSP.

Extron Out of the Box videos are now available for the following products:

MLS 608 D provides a complete digital and analog AV switching, control, and transmission system for single display environments
Annotator, live annotation, switching, and scaling in a single enclosure
SMX System MultiMatrix™ switcher put into full operation in just 15 minutes, with full HDCP compliance and quick source switching
MPS 409, a multi-format presentation switcher for digital and analog signals
DMP 64, a 6x4 audio matrix mixer featuring Extron ProDSP™, a powerful digital signal processing platform for audio signal routing and control

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