Nov 90″ LCD Eyevis in super 24/7 RECARO Stol

Nov 90″ LCD Eyevis in super 24/7 RECARO Stol

RAP-ing d.o.o. najavlja čisto novo pridobitev našega partnerja Eyevis – 90“ LED LCD/ Full HD display, ki zaradi svoje velikosti omogoča enostavnejšo vizualizacijo informacij in interakcij v nadzornih centrih, konferenčnih sobah, TV studijih,…


The new eyevis 90" LCD display with direct LED ilumination and local dimming  is suitable for razor-sharp pictures everywhere, where a large scale visualization without disruptive bezels is in demand but it’s impossible to use a beamer. Through its optional touch surface the display enables interactivity with the observer.

Thanks to the slim installation depths and the narrow casing that is available in various colours, the display can be integrated in every interior design. With its full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels and the direct LED rear projection the display offers excellent image quality with a high screen brightness and homogenous illumination even within bright ambient light conditions.


Due to its connections for DVI-, HDMI-, VGA-, S-Video- and C-Video-signals, the display can be used in control and conference rooms, for digital signage or at television studios for stills, video transmission or live connections. Thanks to the non-reflecting surface, the adjustment of colour temperature, the slight display response time of 6 ms and the high viewing angle of von 176° in the vertical and horizontal direction, the display meets all requirements on displays in demanding applications.



Tehnical specifications:

-          Display resolution: 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

-          Screen Diagonal: 90” (ca. 228 cm)

-          Brightness: 700 cd/m²

-          Contrast:  4.000:1

-          Viewing Angles: H:176° / V:176°

-          Response Time: 6 ms (GTG)

-          Colours: 10 Bit Colour Depth



Optionally with multi touch surface 

The 90“ display realizes its complete potential for presentations, information and digital signage in the multi touch version, with an infrared touch surface with two, six or 32 simultaneous touch points. There the display is outstandingly suitable for the representation of interactive display content for information and interaction with the observer. According to the applied software it is even possible to write directly on the display using the touch surface. This enables the usage as interactive whiteboard for educational institutions.



RECARO - Sitting pretty - even over long distances

RECARO Guard – the seat that adapts perfectly to the user. Ideal for round-the-clock use in control and monitoring rooms. People who have to sit for hours at a time by virtue of their work, yet also remain physically and mentally fit, put extremely high demands on their chairs.

Thanks to its intelligent design, RECARO Guard has the perfect ergonomic shape, can be adjusted in numerous ways and is thus especially comfortable. Another decisive factor here is the individually adjustable lumbar supports – RECARO Airmatic. The height and tilt adjustable headrests and the tilt adjustable backrest also contribute to the user’s wellbeing.

Additional benefits of the RECARO Guard include a tilt adjustable seat and a freely oscillating function that can be adjusted to the user's body weight.

An especially stable pedestal prevents the chair from tipping over, even when the backrest is set at extreme angles of tilt. Recaro




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