Sij group upgraded video conference and Dispatching centers

Sij group upgraded video conference and Dispatching centers

Together with the group Sij, we wrote a new successful story. We've upgraded 9 different meeting and dispatching rooms. Everything took place in 2017 and was finished in early 2018. Rooms are already in operation and are used on a daily basis.

In 2017 Sij group realised meeting and video-conference rooms upgrade project. It involves 9 different sites. 

In the project was realised several nonstandard solutions. One of them is related to the simultaneous translation system. Because Sij Group is a multi-language company one of the main requirement was related to the translation system. Business customer would like to have simultaneous translation possibility in all sites. Translator (one or several) can be located in any location.

During engineering phase they were considering the translation systems from Bosch, Shure and other top-level brands. Non of them satisfied technical requirements. At the end they organise simultaneous translation via the Skype for Business and with the custom solution and incredible low price (less then 3k Euro for all locations). 

At the second phase we also build two dispatching rooms with the same equipment and dedicated for 24/7 production monitoring.

SIJ group is ready to share experience in implementation and in case of interest is ready to provide a reference visit


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