Eyevis introduced LED DLP cube with TI TRP Architecture

Eyevis introduced LED DLP cube with TI TRP Architecture

ISE 2017: With the first DLP Cube based on a TRP Chip architecture, innovative LED- video-wall solutions, new LCD developments as well as graphic controllers and the newest wall-management software, the display experts from Reutlingen in Germany present complete solutions for professional visualization applications.

Great new PRODUCT from eyevis - true visualization innovator 24/7 TRP DLP rear projection Cubes:

- Cost Efficient

- Same High Brightness with LED light

- much more Power efficient

- Mechanical robust

- Reliable

- Stabile

- and Good Looking - "Like me" Hans-Günther Nusseck ;)

New TRP rear projection cubes with minimal power consumption

Eyevis is the first manufacturer of DLP rear projection cubes to use the “Tilt&Roll Pixel” chip architecture by Texas Instruments in its newly introduced TRP cubes. The new technique allows a more compact design of the projection engine, which made a simplified housing-setup possible. Additionally the more effective optical design generates a considerable lower power consumption, which means less cost of purchase and operation compared to conventional DLP cubes. Excellent built quality and reliable 24/7 operation up to 80,000 hours due to LED technology are self-evident in eyevis Cubes. In addition to the presented 50 inch full-HD models a 60 inch version will be available. A 2x2 installation of the 50 inch Slim version with a depth of only 432 mm, which is the lowest value of construction depth of all available DLP cubes in the industry, shows that DLP cubes can easily keep up with other video wall technologies in terms of required space for installation.

Brochure: Product Announcement EC-50-LHD-WVF-TRP EC-60-LHD-WVF-TRP

Data sheet: EC-LHD-TRP-WVF

New eyePANEL LED-modules with innovative eyevis-Processing

A 4K LED video wall with a narrow pixel pitch of only 0.9mm will welcome the visitors at the stand. Directly behind it the future trends in this field will be presented with the help of several single LED-exhibits. This includes an innovative front-service mechanism, that allows an easy front access for service actions and a proprietary developed eyevis-processing for our ePANEL LED-modules “powered by Unilumin”. Besides an easy installation and calibration of a video wall, the processing offers the possibility to pass on uncompressed video signals in real-time with a resolution up to 4K via an Ethernet-connection and loop them through the connected modules.

Thin bezels for the new video wall displays

The trend is to use LCD displays with constantly thinner bezels for video-wall-installations, eyevis handles this with their new 46- and 55-inch monitors of the ESN-series. These devices come up to the requirements of modern video-wall-installations with a mechanical ≤2mm bezel, full-HD resolutions as well as an “eyevis-typical” robust housing-setup. The 46-inch is the first device, that offers a “PRO”- version in the eyeLCD-Lineup, furthermore it offers the possibility to loop-through 4K-signals with up to 60Hz. New is also the possibility to control and monitor the functionality of all eyevis displays through a small separate unit which can simply be attached to the backside of one display in a video wall. As an example for custom-built special constructions, that eyevis often develops to comply with individual requirements, a so called Mirror-Display will be shown at the stand. In a unique way it connects the characteristics of a mirror with a digital display, and can find an attention grabbing use in the field of retail or hotels. From the sector of high-resolution 4K/UHD LCD-displays the new 85”-device with a luminance of 700cd/m², a 65”-monitor and the 50”-version with a 32 point multi-user touch surface will be on display.

New generation of split-controllers and wall management software

With new netPIX-series split controllers and new versions of its wall management solutions eyeCON and eyeUNIFY, eyevis’ IT-department is setting again standards in the fields of efficient high-performance video-wall controllers and their simple and comprehensive handling. In addition to modified housings and new type designations in the netPIX- series, which are now classified as Motion, Core and Rage versions, a lot has changed on the inside. IT-hardware of the latest generation for the CPUs and graphic boards for input and output signals makes the controllers a first choice for applications that have to handle multiple sources and displays or require high-performance graphic processing. Both wall management software solution, the new version 6 of the Enterprise-solution eyeCON as well as the open-source-version eyeUNIFY, come with a bunch of new features for the comprehensive control and administration of video wall systems. For example, eyeUNIFY provides direct integration for YouTube videos and channels making it an ideal solution for today’s emerging Social Media Command Centres.