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State-of-the-Art technology for reliable large screen systems for sophisticated applications in mission-critical environments. eyevis‘ DLP® technology-based rear projection cubes are a first choice for professional video wall installations. This leading technology for modular video walls provides convincing advantages: it does not suffer from burn-in effects and similar phenomena caused through the prolonged display of static image contents. In addition to that, DLP® cubes are the only devices that enable virtually seamless video walls for continuously operated applications in control rooms or presentation areas. This, combined with its outstanding colour and brightness behaviour, make these the ideal solution for large screen systems in sophisticated applications.

  • More than 60,000 hours life-time for the LEDs
  • Brilliant colour representation
  • Low maintenance concept
  • Improved environmental behaviour
  • Low operating costs
  • Immediately available for operation - no more waiting time
  • Many different sizes and resolutions available

XGA resolution (1024 x 768px) 4:3 aspect ratio in 50" and 70"


SXGA+ resolution (1400 x 1050px) 4:3 aspect ratio in 50", 67", 70" and 80 


UXGA resolution (1600 x 1200px) 4:3 aspect ratio in 70"


HD resolution (1920 x 1080px) 16:9 aspect ratio in 60" and 67"


WUXGA+ resolution (1920 x 1200px) 16:10 aspect ratio in 56" and 70"


Characteristics of eyevis LED Cube Series

DLP® technology based rear-projection cubes are a first choice for professional display systems of today and tomorrow. This leading solution for the assembly of video walls is still the only technology which is absolutely invulnerable against negative image effects caused by static display content and at the same time provides the possibility to create “seamless” video walls. Combined with its outstanding colour and brightness behaviour these make it the ideal solution for large screen systems in sophisticated applications. With the new LED technology based projection engine, eyevis even wiped away the technology’s only disadvantage caused by the limited life-time of the lamps used for illumination. 
eyevis’ new LED cubes use single LEDs for every primary colour with an estimated life-time of more than 60,000 hours (more than six years in continuous operation). The lack of colour wheels and other moving parts does not only allow for longer service ¬intervals, it also results in better environmental behaviour of the cubes compared with lamp based systems. 
All other components of the cube are of highest quality “made in Germany” and designed for reliable and continuous operation.


  • Outstanding image quality
  • Highest availability and reliability
  • Precision screen concept
  • Many integrated optimising features
  • Complies with ergonomic standards 
  • Long life concept
  • Very user-friendly
  • Simple to service
  • Many different screen diagonals and resolutions available
  • Comprehensive accessories and options for complete systems

Your advantages

  • Shorter turning-on and start-up sequence compared to conventional lamp systems.
  • Real flicker-free representation without rainbow effects and therefore a more ergonomic and fatigue-free observation.
  • Higher lifetime with low tear and wear effects, no common wear parts like lamps and colour wheels as with traditional systems.
  • Much lower colour and brightness drifts over the life-time of the system, compared with traditional lamp systems.
  • High light output and higher lifetime through special colour-interleave method.
  • Improved representation of moving images.
  • Higher attention to detail, thanks to an enhanced colour gamut and colour space depth.


  • LAN Board
  • Scaler Board
  • Basement on rails
  • Vibration-absorbing Basements
  • Standard steel basement in different heights
  • Dust-proof housing

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