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EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is the information that a monitor or projector sends to the graphic card to provide information about the display characteristics of the device. This information is transmitted on the Display Data Channel (DDC) of the DVI cable. If the EDID information is missing or wrong, the desired resolution or refresh rates cannot be set correctly. With the EYE-DDC-Programmer lit is possible to read and save EDID information from displays or projectors. Afterwards, this information can be written on another device or on the EYE-EDID-SIM to provide the required information to the graphic card. An editing of the information is also possible to enable special timings or frequencies.The EYE-DDC-Programmer requires the according DDC Programmer software (Windows) to read the EDID of a display, or to write edited EDID information on a display.

eyevis products provide the possibility to write EDID information on the DVI input. This enables an optimal configuration of the signal chain for a specific system setup. For example, an installation with a refresh rate of 50Hz, the EDID can be programmed accordingly in order adjust the signal chain to this resolution. This ensures a stable operation of the system. It is also possible to program extra-ordinary resolutions for specific system configurations.
EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI EDID Simulator: The EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI provides the possibility to edit the EDID-programming even for systems that usually do not enable changes of the EDID-settings.. The EDID simulator is a passive component without external power supply. The device simulates the presence of a monitor with editable characteristics to the graphic card.. This allows the configuration of the graphic card to a specific resolution without dependence on specifications of the connected display. A further advantage is that the graphic card will not recognize a replacement of the display as long as the EDID simulator is connected. So it is possible to change or  unplug the connected display without the graphic card deactivating the output or changing the resolution. The programming of a resolution setting on the EDID simulator requires an EYE-DDC Programmer. Once the resolution is programmed on the EDID simulator it remains there permanently or can be newly programmed at any time.
Control  Write-/Read-button for direct programming
Power Supply  via USB
Connectors - USB-B (communication with PC)
- DVI-D to projector / display
Software   eyevis DDC Programmer (Windows)
Dimensions   100 x 76 x 19 mm (L x W x H)
Weight  104 g