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Up to now, high resolution monitors special graphic boards were required to connect PCs. With this synchronisation board special graphic cards are not required. The EYE-4SYNC system is an input controller for the synchronisation of up to 4 DVI signals.  With the EYE-4SYNC controller, up to 4 different DVI signals can be displayed with 4K displays or projectors. Even signals with different resolutions are set to the same system rate, respectively the same master sync. The automatic input detection identifies the referring standard of the signals. The output syncs are generated internally and can be programmed to control a large range of display modules. A typical application is source resynchronisation to visualise simultaneously heterogeneous sources on the same display. However, the system is tolerant to sources that have not the same size as the display resolution.


Stand-alone Device or Embedded Version

Synchronisation of up to 4 DVI Signals with a maximum resolution of 2,048 x 1,080 Pixels each

Automatic Input Detection

Internal Generation of Output Syncs

For any multi-channel high-resolution Displays or Projectors


Inputs  4 DVI-D inputs
Input Signal  DVI digital Single link
Resolution  SVGA up to 2,048x1,080 @ 60 Hz
Colour Depth  8 bits per colour
Signal Detection  integrated EDID identification
Outputs  4 DVI-D outputs (DVI digital single link signal)
Control  RS232 on Sup-D 9pts connector
Power Supply  external AC adapter module 5V/4A
Model Types  • with scaling function
• without scaling function