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ESP-LED Serija


The projectors were especially developed for sophisticated use in simulation systems. Further possible fields of applications can be wherever stable projection in perfect quality is required. Now the projector series got expanded by projectors using LED technology for illumination instead of high-wattage lamps. Thus stability and reliability of the projectors could be once more improved. Compared with traditional UHP lamp system, the eyevis LED system provides optimal spectral distribution of light. Thanks to the clear not-overlapping representation of the primary colours red, green and blue, allows brilliant colour representation of the complete colour range. Through the optimised LED light source a remarkably wider colour range can be achieved compared with traditional lamp systems. This allows a realistic colour representation, which could not yet be reached with lamp-based systems. A newly developed control of the LEDs enables independent adjustment of the individual primary colours. Hence illuminant and colour temperature can be accurately adjusted to match any conditions. This process does not affect the signal data, the colour depth remains unaltered.

Advantages of LED Technology:
The life-time of the LED illumination lasts more than 60,000 hrs (MTBF). Used in 24/7 operation this equals a period of almost six years. Operated ten hours on working days only, the expected lifetime would be about 18 to 20 years.
) The long life-time of the LEDs allows cost-effective and ecofriendly operation since no bulbs containing harmful materials have to be replaced.
) With LED technology no colour wheels or UV filters are needed in the optical light path. This reduces maintenance works to a minimum.
) The innovative passive-active cooling system allows effective and maintenance-free operation. The cooling system is  automatically controlled by the LED temperature and ambient temperature in order to secure the operating conditions of the system. ) Projectors from eyevis ESP-LED series offer very short start-up sequences. The picture appears within short time in offering its full brightness.
) Thanks to the LED technology in use, the light source can be easily switched off without affecting the life-time. The projector needs no shut down sequence. Thus the projector can be switched off even in short breaks to save energy.
) The innovative control of the LEDs provides infinitely variable dimming of the projector to achieve perfect performance in different ambient lighting conditions. The image information is not affected and remains in full colour depth.
Advantages of ESP-LED Projectors:
) A major advantage of eyevis LED projectors is the possibility to operate them irrespective of their position (portrait, landscape, or any other arrangement or orientation)
) A special complete encapsulation of the LEDs prevents diffusing light from leaving the projector. This allows the trouble-free operation of the projectors in very dark environments as in planetaria or night simulations.
) Thanks to the high-frequency control of the LEDs there are no “rainbow effects” or other image artefacts (e.g. multiple images) which typically appear with conventional DLP® projectors. In addition to that, this new technique allows high-quality digital blending in multi-channel systems.
) The permanent control of the LEDs with integrated early detection of faulty operations guarantees highest availability of the projectors. An optional monitoring-system provides additional information about the status of the projector.
Automatic Colour Calibration:
The white point of the LED light source can be measured at any time using the internal sensor. Each primary colour can be readjusted very precisely according to the measurement. This enables a very accurate alignment of multiple channels to guarantee a uniform colour representation. With the optional ACT (Automatic Colour Tracking) there is also an automatic tool available which constantly measures and readjusts colours and brightness values in a multi-channel application. The image signal is not affectd and remains in its full colour depth. The adjustment procedure does not need any test patterns and can be performed at any time independent from the displayed images.
Resolutions SXGA+ (1,400x1,050), HD (1,920x1,080) and WUXGA (1,920x1,200)  
Optic  0.65:1 / 0.8:1 / 1.1:1 (WUXGA) and further optics
Life-time of LEDs >60,000 hrs
Input  single-Link DVI-D
Brightness 550 to 700 Lumen (depending on resolution)
Contrast 1.800:1 (full on / full off ). Up to 10.000:1 or more with dynamic contrast.
Latency  1/2 frame
Power consumption approx. 250 Watt
Weight approx. 13,5kg (without optics)