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ENC-300-SD H.264 encoder is designed for IPTV and live streaming. Since it is using the newest Teracue codecs and compression technology, it offers the highest image processing and streaming quality for SD signals. It is ideal when camera signals, broadcast or monitoring video feeds need to be distributed over IP networks, for internet streaming, for broadcast and CDN contribution. The ENC-300 encoder series provides low delay, pure hardware encoding based on open-standards.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Robust hardware solution for 24/7 operation
  • Real-time encoding of SD-SDI, CVBS
    YPbPr, YC and RGB/VGA signals
  • Error correction transmission mode
  • Down converter from HD to SD
  • Logo inserter
  • Export & import of presets
  • Adjustable framerate (e.g. 5 fps)
  • Low-latency compression technology
  • RTMP & RTP/RTSP streaming
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports 3G-SDI
  • Extreme temperature range
  • Easy configuration by web interface


  • Broadcast & CDN IP contribution
  • Wireless & mobile streaming
  • Digital signage streaming
  • IPTV/OTT streaming
  • Security monitoring
  • Stadium & event TV
  • Training & research
  • Medical & campus TV, telemedicine
  • Video monitoring
  • Control rooms & command centres
  • Military IP transmission

Professional quality and easy configuration
ENC-300-SD encoders incorporate low latency compression, creating full resolution video streams in HD or SD resolution. To access the intuitive graphical user interface use your standard web browser from any PC on the network, no special or additional tools are required. Remote network configuration is also supported over SNMP*, by Telnet and by control over the local COM port.

Portable and board based operation
Multiple ENC-300 boards are operated inside the FR frame series. High-density requirements are solved by operating the ENC blades in the FR-2000-24 (4 RU rack mount) or FR-610 (1 RU rack mount) multi-channel racks. Different types of DEC decoder blades, ENC encoder blades and DVB/IP videogateways can be “mixed and matched” inside the FR-frame series.

The ENC-300-SD encoder is also available for mobile operation and as a compact, single unit as the PORTABLE device.