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The ENC-200-AUDIO is a compact and low cost audio-only encoding board of the ENC family series. Designed as a robust real-time encoder to stream radio or any other audio signal for IPTV applications.

Live streams from ENC-200-AUDIO encoders are ISO/IEC standards compatible and open standards based. The streams can be played back on any Teracue DEC hardware decoder, on Teracue's XPlayer or by VLC software decoders, as well as on 3rd party IPTV set top boxes. Output streams are either MPEG-TS or Audio Elementary Streams.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Reliable: set and forget
  • Simple setup and configuration: Web, SNMP, Telnet, Teracue's ElementManager
  • Extremely robust, 24/7 operation: no moving parts, extended temperature range
  • AAC and MPEG1L2 support
  • Error correction transmission mode for stable streaming via internet
  • TALKBACK support for audio backchannel from decoder
    to encoder: interview questions, intercom
  • Compatible to Wowza Media Server and Realnetworks
    Helix Server


  • Radio or audio-only streaming
  • Audio contribution
  • Remote interviews
  • Pure hardware encoding for CDN, live webcasting
  • Audio encoding for IPTV systems, MPEG1L2 support for legacy STB's

Portable and board based operation
Multiple ENC-200-AUDIO boards are operated inside the FR frame series. High-density requirements are solved by operating the ENC blades in the FR-2000-24 (4 RU rack mount) or FR-610 (1 RU rack mount) multi-channel racks. Different types of DEC decoder blades, ENC encoder blades and DVB/IP videogateways can be “mixed and matched” inside the FR-frame series.

The ENC-200-AUDIO encoder is also available for mobile operation and as a compact, single unit as the PORTABLE device.