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The ENC-200 is a compact, low cost H.264 SD video encoding and LIVE streaming blade. The ENC-200 real-time encoder is designed for LIVE streaming applications such as LIVE TV or video transmission, video trunking, IPTV encoding, remote monitoring feeds, video collaboration and is also used as the ingest for LIVE and VOD video publishing systems.

Real-time LIVE streams from ENC-200 encoders can be viewed on PC’s by using Teracue’s XPlayer software player. TV’s, LCD’s, plasmas, monitors, can join the transmission streams with the robust DEC-200 decoder. Consumer and PC-based displays can cost-effectively receive ENC-200 streams with set top boxes. To record and preserve LIVE feeds for later viewing, analysis or simply archiving the iCue™ Streaming Server has been designed.

ENC-200 encoders incorporate low-latency compression technology and professional signal processing, creating full resolution and smooth motion DVD-quality video streams.

Simple setup: Connect LAN Ethernet and a video/audio input signal and the ENC-200 encoder will turn into a true video networking “port”, transmitting your video in digital form over IP networks.

Easy configuration: To access the intuitive graphical user interface use your standard web browser from any PC on the network, no special or additional tools are required. Remote network configuration is also supported over SNMP* and Telnet, as well as serial control over the local Comport.

The ENC-200 encoder process input streams in up to full DVD-quality for professional MPEG-4 AVC H.264 SD streaming to any kind of device. ENC-200 encoder blades are built for robust 24/7 LIVE encoding operations and can be used in tough environmental conditions. They are designed without any moving parts, making them disk-, fan- and noiseless.

ENC-200 combines high-performance with unparalleled simplicity in a compact Ethernet video encoding appliance designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications such as:

  • Broadcast/TV Distribution over IP
  • IPTV/Confidence Monitoring
  • Security/Surveillance/Monitoring/Public Safety
  • Medical/Corporate/Military/Industrial-Training
  • Education/Distance Learning/Tele-Teaching
  • Finance/Brokerage Television
  • Legal/Legislative Communications
  • News/Sports/Advertising Agencies – Air/Rail station advertising
  • Manufacturing/Process Monitoring
  • Hospitals/Clinics/Telemedicine
  • TALKBACK* audio conferencing, integrated COM* server and GPIO*

The ENC-200 supports TALKBACK*. This allows audio conferencing and communication between encoder standpoint and viewer. TALKBACK to ENC encoders is supported by PC’s, as well as from the DEC decoder series. The Comport* supports remote control of PTZ cameras and other peripheral serial equipment through it’s integrated RS-232 port*. The GPIO* interface enables basic remote control of the ENC-200, e.g. turning encoding/transmission on/off, by a light sensor or foot switch.

Extremely robust and durable: The encoder blades are designed without any moving parts; such as hard drives/fans, to ensure system uptime, reliability and noiseless operation. The ENC-200 can be used in extreme operating conditions and at temperatures up to 60°C.

Portable and board based operation
Multiple ENC-200 boards are operated inside the FR frame series. High-density requirements are solved by operating the ENC blades in the FR-2000-24 (4 RU rack mount) or FR-610 (1 RU rack mount) multi-channel racks. Different types of DEC decoder blades, ENC encoder blades and DVB/IP videogateways can be “mixed and matched” inside the FR-frame series.

The ENC-200 encoder is also available for mobile operation and as a compact, single unit as the PORTABLE device.