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eyevis attached much importance on the possibility to use their cubes even in critical ambient light conditions or other challenging safety-related problems. The SXGA+ version uses a 1-chip-DLP® projector with a display resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. The MTBF of the 132-150 Watts lamps is indicated by the manufacturer With 6000 - 8000 hours. THANKS to the use of the DLP® technology there is no damage to the display, such as “ghost”-images or burn-in effects, even with continuous static images or fixed patterns.In numerous tests and comparisons the DLP® technology turned out to be the most reliable for continuous operation. The lifetime of the DMD™ chips is about 150,000 hours (MTBF: 650,000 hours). Of course, all the other parts of the device share the same high standards. This results in low service and maintenance costs for our customers.

The new EC-100-SXT+ uses two new technologies for even better image representation than before. BrilliantColor™ allows an improved colour representation; TrueVision™ optimises the display of video signals. In addition to that the device uses the latest generation data processors by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS which provide better characteristics for image processing, system control and data formatting.
The EC-100-SXT+ has a screen size of 2000 mm width and 1500 mm height and is available with a stable standard frame (6 mm). In order to ensure the highest possible availability for 24/7 operation, there is an optional double lamp system available for automatic lamp changeover. Furthermore, automatic brightness control (DSC) is included to compensate for the diverging brightness of the single modules caused by different ageing behaviour of the lamps. Thus a stable brightness of the cube-wall is ensured for a long period.Therefore the new eyevis EC-series allows to realise completely flexible display walls, providing the highest colour fidelity, a maximum of brilliance and outstanding reliability. 
Optionally, there is an additional DVI input available or a scaler board with 2x RGB, 2x DVI, 2x Composite Video, 1x Y/C, 1xYUV and 1x S-Video.
) Features
Type  EC-100-SXT+ eyevisCube 100” SXGA+
 Digital 100” DLP™-rear-projection unit, addible, for data and video representation (not stackable!)
 1400 x 1050 Pixel (SXGA+) / Chip: DMD-Chip SXGA+ / LVDS 0.95“
 Texas Instruments DDP 3020
Brightness 150W Lamp
 typ. 125 cd/m2 (max. 170 cd/m2 )
Contrast Ratio 
 typ. 1600:1 / max. 5000:1
Brightness Uniformity 
Image Size (WxH)
 2000 x 1500 mm (ca. 100” screen diagonal) 
Dimensions (WxHxD)
 2000 x 1628 x 1250 mm (step-shaped)
 approx. 160 kg
 1x DVI-D, optional with Scaler Board: 2x RGB, 2x DVI, 2x Composite Video, 1x Y/C, 1xYUV, 1x S-Video
Pixel Frequency 
 up to 173 MHz
Vertical Frequency
 48 - 62 Hz genlock compatible, internal: 96 - 124 Hz
Projection Screen
 Black Contrast Screen with stable frame
 6 mm (optional 3 mm)
Power Consumption
 180 W at 110/235 V with 100 - 120 Watt Lamp
Lamp Consumption
 132-150 W; alternative 100-120 W
Lamp Life-Time
 approx. 6000-8000 h at 132-150 Watt (manufacturer information MTBF)
) Environmental
Operating Conditions 
 recommended 18 - 25 °C; 10 - 35 °C; for Seamless Screen 18 - 25 °C; Storing: 0 - 50 °C 
 0% - 80 % not condensating
 0 - 3000 m
Noise Level 
Thermal Load 
 180 Watt
) Options
• Automatic Double-lamp System cold Stand-by (optional  hot Stand-by), includes 2-channel power supply and lamp ballast
• Scaler Board (internal split controller up to 10x10 Matrix, with 2x DVI, 2x RGB, 2x Video)
• Additional DVI Input
• Multi-Cube Color-Brightness Adjustment
• Network Board
• EYE-DUST, anti-dust housing
• Lamp Leasing Agreement
• Service and Maintenance Contracts