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The EDID emulator allows the user to set up any DVI output resolution, regardless if the used device supports these resolutions or not. Most PC or DVI sources are reading the EDID of the attached display and then limit the selectable output resolutions of the graphic card. The EDID emulator will solve this problem. The EDID emulator works passively, hence comes without any need for an additional power supply.

The Eyevis EDID emulator does not use presets in conjunction with a switch. For uploading or changing the emulated EDID, you will need the EYE-DDC programmer.In order to program the emulator, you will need the EYE-DDC-Programmer. The EYE-DDC Programmer is able to read current EDIDs from both the EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI emulator as well as any display and write any modified EDID onto the emulator and display, respectively, given that the display has an EDID that is not write-protected. The EYE-DDC-Programmer needs a PC connection (USB) for the programming process.
) Continuous output signal even with a disconnected or powered off display
) Upload of any EDID to the EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI
) No additional power supply needed
) Suited for DVI single link and dual link
) Features
Connectors  DVI-D only (single-Link or Dual-Link)
Power Supply  No Power supply needed
Software  DDC-Programmer Tool (Windows) for programming and storage of EDID data
Weight  75g
Dimensions  69 x 51 x 22mm